Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kirtan Tour

Just came back after Kirtan Tour to Gudwara Sahib Kuala Kubu Bharu, it was damm interesting... Me, Gujju, Navjeet, Tashi, Fareed & Giani Sarinder went for the tour.
We went using the old road(the Hulu Yam road). The scenery was beautiful & v pass by many waterfalls on the way.. The Gudwara was also beautiful.
Giani ji did the kirtan and he wacked the market with his TUHI-TUHI SIMRAN, followed by the shabad MANGANA MANGAN NEEKA & ended with GUR POOREY CHARNI LAYA.. All of us enjoyed the tour and we also bullied Fareed alot on the way....Lolz.. Pity him...

-Giani Ji Doin Kirtan-

-Fareed being bullied by Navjeet & Tashi, LOLZ-

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