Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bercham Nagar Kirtan

- Bercham Gudwara -
On Friday, me and all tha band fellows left by bus to Bercham.... The journey to Bercham was fun, as usual v did pangey in tha bus, and we even met one new fren, her name was Nancy(for further details cum n c me, n i will explain).
The next day we woke up early, then got ready and went to the old Bercham gudwara, actually the Old Gudwara was just behind the New Gudwara. but we walked one big round just to go to the new Gudwara...Sumore in the journey, all the turnings we took was Right, oni 1 left.... i think that Bercham ppl dun believe in taking the Left turning, So coz of that we had to go 1 big round to the new Gudwara... LOLZ
The new Gurdwara was damm beautiful, it looked exactly like the Golden Temple's Darbar Sahib, it was damm beautiful and outstanding, it reminded me about my gud times i had at Amritsar, (Missing India lar).. The Nagar Kirtan was led by the band, then followed by the Gatka people, the dhol players, Guru Maharaj, then the Sanggat...
The Gatka people were damm gud, they showed some good moves,especially with the Kirpan.. The were a few dhol players, all about 16-17, they were gud, their co-ordination was great, the band also were good with their music, didnt had much errors....

- The helicopter releasing flowers over the Gurdwara Sahib Bercham -

- The Gatka Performance -

- The Dhol Players -

- The Snare Drum Players -

When we reached the gudwara, at the enterence, there was a helicopter flying on top of us, it came really close to the ground and people threw flowers out of the helicopter, the wind presure of the helicopter was very high untill the band Dhatan(the red colour thing) and the kalgi started flying away.. hehe.. There were many ppl who came for the Nagar Kirtan...

- Guru Maharaj -

The inner part of the Gudwara is also beautiful.. the band fellows were very tired after the performance, the langgar was also superb.. there were many varities like Peturey, Mithey Chaul and many more... it was a great Nagar Kirtan.

- Guru Maharaj -

- Ajay was so tired untill he slept of on the chair,hehe -

- The Nishan Sahib Selami -

- The crowd watching the Gatka show -

- The Milk was Supplied By PAU Dairy Farms, call him to order 017-2211477 -

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Balvin said...

so sad i wasnt there to witness the event. looks so hapening.