Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kirtan Tour


Last week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, me and The Havoc Crew went for Guru Granth Sahib Ji Prakash Dihara Tour to the Southern part of Malaysia. This is my Second time going for tour there. The people who went were Ajeet(Tabla Player), Jagjit(Driver), Fareed(Side Waja), Tashi(Backup) , Terlochan(Main Waja) ,Giani Sukhdave @Elder Brother(Katha) and also Me.
On Friday we suppose to leave at 3.30pm but as usual tha Phai Time we left at 4.30pm, we went by the Sabha Van. On the way is was an hatic traffic jam, sumore after the Sg Besi tol..Tashi just cracked jokes all the way especcially the Lose Weight prank call to entertain us.. We were suppose to reach the Muar Gurdwara at 7.00pm but we only reached there at 8.15pm.. Then we straight started the kirtan and Terlochan let go One powerful raag, shabad=Bisar Gayee.. the kathakar also told the whole story about how did Guru Granth Sahib Ji was done by all the Guru's.. damm cekap.. Later at night we had our Jamming session in the darbar sahib, damm cekap, for 2 hours we jamming..
The next day in the morning we went to Batu Pahat Gurdwara. The gurdwara is big and nice. After that we straight left to go to Jahore Bahru Gudwara. When we reached there, the Giani dowan to give us a proper place to stay, so we called The backup(JB powerful man=Manjit Singh).. he came and sort out and we got a proper place to stay.. Then we did our kirtan there. Terlochan let go a Raag in Ektaal and Ajeet wacked the market with his tabla skills...At night the sabha sales in JB gurdwara was good,everyone was happy bout it... Then at night after packing up our sabha shoppe, there was a Fight going on at the car pack of the Gurdwara. We all like Hero's went and try to sort out all, but tak jadi...Haha.. tha Uncle took stick and threw at Us.. Lucky we escape... Then we went on top, tha fellow started sounding from down, then one lady came and sort out the matter(damm brave lady) and her sons macam bagus all, finding for parang and hockey stick all, wana wack that fellow(talk oni big, but neva do anything) we all laugh untill tergolek...
Then at night we wanted to go to Singapore and lepak there, we changed the money all redi... when we entering the Cosway at 12.00pm it was a very terrible jam, cars not moving at all, so we decided not to go... we were all disapointed..then we went lepak around JB town.
In the morning we again went to do kirtan at the Batu Pahat Gurdwara, The kathakar was damm cekap, he gave a good katha on Belive in Bhoot and few other things..Fareed was excellent as the side waja.. After that we went to Tampin Gurdwara for the last place for the Kirtan Tour.. there we were all very tired and sleepy... We cleaned up the Sabha Van and later we did kirtan.. Jagjit was so tired untill he slept of on the stage during kirtan... haha... cannot blame him also he drove most of the time....
We came back at about 11.00pm. This was an excellent kirtan tour. All of us enjoyed it.
*Visit Jagjit's Blog for the Other Part of the Story.

- Setting Up the Sabha Shoppe -

- Trying Out The Camera -

- Kirtan at Gurdwara Batu Pahat -

- Fareed and Jagjit washing the Sabha Van -

- All 'Veji Huay' oni after washing the van -

- Me and Thasy trying to sell Cd's -

- Nice Pic Taken at Gurdawara Sahib Tampin with the Horse -

- The Strong Guy -

- The Kathakar Giving Katha -

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