Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sikhs Giving up their Religious Symbol..

I was going through an article on the Sikhnet, and I was shocked to read that across Punjab, and more so in the countryside, young members of the Sikh community are giving up the most visible religious symbol of Sikh identity—long hair and the turban. The trend, which has been growing in the last four to five years, has reached "epidemic" proportions and now has the Sikh religious leadership worried. So much so that desperate campaigns have been launched to revive the use of the turban. I am shocked to hear this news and was taken back that that in many places in Punjab about 80 per cent of Sikh youth have indeed cut their hair.
I think the same problem is also effecting the Sikh youths in Malaysia. Most of them say that they wana be modern and follow the trend. Can say also that some parents will not educate their children about Sikhi.
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- Those Were Days -

A young Sikh boy gets his hair cut at the local barber in a village near Beas

- Nowadays -

For the Full story about the Sikhs in Punjab Giving up their Religious Symbol, click Here.


rav singh said...

sad, very sad indeed

U know who i am said...

Well it's a normal thing in Malaysia but im pretty shocked of it happenin to indian kids. Well this is something which is difficult to be avoided. I think it's not a sin to not follow a religion but it is a sin if you do crappy stuff like rape, drugs or robbery and other stuff. People are civilised now and religion these days has caused problems more than doin good to a person such as misunderstandings.... soon there could be a war of religion. Im not sayin tht religion is bad it's just that we are civilised now and religion is a thing from the past we can a learn a lot from it and it's not necessary for us to follow everything of it. Women in the middle east wear burkha's for god know wat reason. Wearing burkha's and turban doesn't shape a persons character. All im trying to say is that it's ok not to follow ur religion but as long as it is not completely forgotten. And this turban issue isn't someting new tbh. People know that this will so called "problem" will occur sooner or later. We just have to accept it and live with it. There's always an evolution to things and sikh kids not wearing turbans is also part of this "evolution". It's difficult to do anything to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

hi there bro,,

yup it is very sad ....

this is going on badly nowdayz it have only one reason by...we with turban dont knw really how to care our self....look it is malaysia most of the young guys can hardly tie good turban,

i think we need to start learn a smart way turban others can see and learn from us...

havocsingh said...

I just have a little bit 2 say, it is just that Mr 'u know who i am', u said that "I think it's not a sin to not follow a religion but it is a sin if you do crappy stuff like rape, drugs or robbery and other stuff." But wat I feel is that i am sure every religion in this world preaches that we must not do crime, take drugs and do robery, so wat i mean 2 say is, if u dun follow ur religion then how u wana stop doing this bad stuffs.
Next,u say tat religion has caused a problem these days, wat i feel is that people who dont follow wat tha religion preaches is causing problem these days..
but good comments, thanks.
-Phul chuk maaf karna,
anjaam bechey samjkey maaf karna.

Prithipal Singh said...

hey there bro..i completely agree with is 100% true what ever he can u tell someone else dat it is ok to not follow ur religion?? if u cant follow the teachings of ur religion...if u feel that it is a burden...then..i dont know what to is very sad that most of sikh youth, not only in malaysia, but in other countries as well, r not being educated enough..i agree that effort have been put to educate sikhs about the importance and its contents of the religion, but it is still not enough to change everybody..therefore, something drastic have to be taken by sikhs worldwide to takle this seious problem...

gurfateh jio..

U know who i am said...

Yes religion is one way where people avoid doin crappy stuff i agree. But not all "free thinkers" are involved in such acts. Anyway i heard that Sikhs in India are facing a lot of problems and it seems that a few actions has been made to wipe out the sikh religion completely to avoid Sikhs of gaining political power and stuff. Many Hindu's and Muslims are preassuring the Sikh youth over there. So we cant really blame those kids but someting has to be done indeed so that the religion doesn't die off completely. Well thats in India. In Malaysia the population of Sikhs aren't many and kids here aren't exposed to the religion as much as indian kids are. And those unreligious kids wont really care much about their religion cause there's no one to say anything to them apart from parents. So we cant blame these kids but i think there should be awareness campaigns and stuff held more often. There should be Sikh clubs in schools but it's a rare thing.