Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kirtan Tour & Samelan School Preview

- Beach Party -
Today(5-11-06) in the morning we left for a kirtan tour to Port Dickson Gurdwara for Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Avtaar Dihara. The People who went were Giani Sarinder(main waja), Fareed (tabla), Gurjeet & Navjeet (drivers & backup) Jagjit (side waja) and Me(Follower). Later we were joined by my Fly and Sukhveer who came to see the Samelan School.
We as usual left at Pai fellows time at 8.00, when we suppose 2 leave at 7.00... Lucky we reach there on time, and Giani Ji did kirtan and the shabad he did was 'Nanak Kal Wich Aaya', 'Bheeya Diwana Saha ka Nanak Baurana' and he gave Katha about Guru Nanak Dev Ji's jiwan..and he ended up wif Simran and the Samelan Theme Shabad.. After the Programme, we all went to see the Samelan School in PD. Its about 10mins from the Gurdwara.
The school is very very big. and its abit messy and very very dirty(never Mind this part the Logistic Crew can handle, but they need ur help also to clean up the samelan, SINGH CAN HELP AR?!? :p ) Then after lepaking at the skool, we left coz it was very hot. But my dad and the Pd naujawan all stayed back and planned. On the way back we suffered coz the aircond in the van was spoil and we were like in the oven. But we enjoyed our tour.

- During Kirtan-

- Port Dickson Gurdwara-

- Jagjit With Full Concentration -

- Me playing 'Tellia' -

- All Explaining Fareed about his mistakes,Lolz-

- Very warm, all changed to shorts & t-shirt -

- At the Gurdwara -

- so tired -

- Sekolah Ku Syurga Ku -

- Planning -

- The Proposed Boys Dorm -

- The proposed Darbar Sahib -

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Resh said...

Awsome pictures of the school brother and thanks for putting it up. At least I have a way of finding out how you guys are doing. The samelan will definitely go well Gurkirpa. All the best.