Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gurbani Caller Ringtone

Last time there was English Caller Tone, then came hindi, chinese and malay caller ringtone.....
Now Sikhs once again did something incredible..... There is a Gurbani Caller Ringtone.

0040370 Tuhi - Tuhi (Veer Manpreet Singh)
0040373 Vaheguru (Veer Manpreet Singh)
0040243 Simran (Bhai Niranjan Singh Jwaddi Kalan)
0040237 Simran (Bhai Charanpreet Singh)
0040236 Amrit Bani (Bhai Sharanjeet Singh Thawar)
0040379 Vich Duniya (Bhai Satvinder Singh)
0040244 Vaheguru (Bhai Naranjan Singh Jwaddi Kalan)
0040239 Ram Ram Bol (Bhai Naranjan Singh Jwaddi Kalan)
0040238 Jhim Jhim Varsey (Bhai Sharanjit Singh Thawar)
0040376 Tum karo Daya (Bhai Naranjan Singh Jwaddi Kalan)
0040241 Saajan Ra Mera (Bhai Sharanjit Singh Thawar)
0040345 Teri Bhagat Na (Bhai Shranjit Singh Thawar)
0040242 Sansar Rogi (Bhai Satwinder Singh)

To activate Caller Ringtone From your HP
Dial *131# SEND

To purchase Kirtan
*131*Tone ID# Send

To delete Caller Ringtone
Dial #131# Send

RM 3.00 per download

For temperory This caller ringtone is for MAXIS(012 & 017) users only.

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