Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hair - A Divine Gift

I was going through an article on the AKJ website about Bhai Randhir Singh Ji (while he was in the prison) on how much love he had for his hair given by Waheguru and how he mention about why should we keep the hair.
I summarised the story below..
Bhai Sahib took a "KESHI ISHNAAN' (washed his hair), and he wanted to apply oil on his hair, but the Prison Officer bought a poor quality and a cheap brand of hair-oil for Bhai Sahib to use. Bhai Sahib refused to accept it, and asked the prison officer to get a better quality hair-oil in replacement. Bhai Sahib was to comb his hair only after it had been softened with hair-oil in order to avoid damage to it. Without combing his hair, he was not going to take his meals. After four days, the Prison Officer told the Supritendent of a prisoner was on a protest in the form of a hunger-strike. The Supritendent came to see Bhai Sahib and talked with him. During the converstaion, The Supritendent asked a question about

(below is the conversation between Bhai Randhir Singh and The Supritendent)

Bhai Sahib: Is it necessary to keep the head on the human body?
Supdt: The body cannot survive without the head.
Bhai Sahib: If, however, it could survive, would you be willing to get rid of it? (If the body could survive without the head, would you remove the head?)
Supdt: The head is more important and is an integral part of the body. With the head the body becomes complete and without the head, body cannot survive at all.
Bhai Sahib: Have you placed the head on your body yourself?
Supdt: No, God has placed it there.
Bhai Sahib: Undoubtedly God has placed the head on your body. If, however, it were placed by you, perhaps, you could afford to remove it as an unwanted burden.
Supdt: Of course. But how can we remove or afford to get rid of something given to us by God?Bhai Sahib: Well, suppose, if someone removes that God-given head from the body, what would you call that person?
Supdt: Undoubtedly, he would be called a tyrant, oppressor, murderer and an assassin.
Bhai Sahib: If someone asks you questions as to why you have kept a head on your body, what will you think of him?
Supdt: It would be a sheer stupidity on the part of the questioner.
Bhai Sahib: Just the way, our heads are placed on our bodies by the Creator Himself, the same way, the hair on my head and yours as well, have been grown by the same God - the Creator. Therefore, your question regarding keeping of long hair is irrelevant in itself, because it is not I who has grown it there, but the hair is God\'s gift. Just as the head on the body is God\'s special gift, so is the hair given by Him. It is our first and foremost duty to look after the hair (God\'s gift) as we would like to look after and protect our head. Those who do not maintain God-given gift on the head, (cut off or completely shave off their hair), are, in my well-considered view, ungrateful and disloyal to the supreme will of God. I consider them murderers.
Supdt: No, they cannot be called so, you can give them some other name, because in cutting hair no blood is spilt.
Bhai Sahib: You mean if blood is spilt, then alone it can be called a murder or assassination. What if someone is strangled to death? Would you still not declare it a murder, because in strangling a person, no blood is spilt, though death does occur? It is no use indulging in verbal arguments. You know very well that in certain methods of murder, not even a drop of blood is allowed to spill. Would you not call perpetrators of these crimes as murderers? If not, what else will you call them?

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