Monday, January 15, 2007

Samelan Pictures_During Samelan

- Washing the Pandey -

- the Dasmesh jatha-

- The langgar hall -

- During a class activity -

- Sardar Hari Singh giving lecture -

- While washing toilet also can pose -

- The catwalk done live in the Langgar Hall, hehe -

- Wonder what everyone looking at -

- The Future Khalsa Army Forces, (during their trip to the Army Museum ) -

- Aaaaaaaaaaaaa....... Tiger -

- The younger participants, The Nikey Khalsa -

- Participants -

- The Youth Leaders during the classroom session -

- The Miri Piri Academy students -

- Clearing up the water in front of the Darbar Sahib -

- The Dj, Harpal handling the sound system -

- The Logistic Crew -

- Building a tower during group dynamics -

- Sukhveer tying turban for a participant -

- When got work, Logistic Crew is there, ALL COME, SAAREY AAJO -

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Anonymous said...

Ajit Singh,
You are doing a good job in providing information to people like me who are far away. You have a good style of writting and what is required for you is to blog everyday. I make a point to look at your page everyday. My best regards to Channay and all the logistic crew.