Monday, April 09, 2007

Police Day & Clean Up Session

What an interesting Sunday i had, first of all there was Police Day in Police Depoh Gurdwara. It was to mark 200th anniversary of the Police force. See the full report in The Star Newspaper.

After that, a few Youths gather at sabha house in the evening to clean the carpets that was used in the Cheras Semagam. It was a fun and havoc session as we did sewa while doing some pangey here and there.

The picture above is one of the pangey we took. We dress SOMEONE up with the girls costume and asked him to walk outside Sabha House and to the market.. haha. It was laughter all the way. Just watch the video below.

And there is a competition, Do anyone know who is the person that was dressed up as the girl. hehe.

First price : Free Makan at Sabha House. :)

~ The brothers, dedicated in doing sewa ~

~ Amit & Sukhvin cleaning the carpets ~

The story of the picture above.......We got a call that a wedding car got crash, so we came up with plan B to make this car as a replacement, it was a tropical climate wedding, so hows the decoration??? any request for emergancy wedding car decoration, just come to Sabha House and look for the Logistic Crew (sub division decorating committee)

And this is the second competition, can you guess whose car is this?

First price : Free decoration for your wedding car :)


Peen Khaan Wala said...

I thot all the bapoks were only in Chow Kit. Who else but Navjeet... Please tell him that his father is not too pleased. Also tell his brother Ajit that he was only about 14 hours late for the Asa Di Vaar programme.

sukhvinder singh khalsa said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh....

well ajit..this is the best post out of the best post u have...
well navjeet realy can act like a gal...actually not to say gal...its more on bapok from arab..
haha...sory hard feeling's...but it was nice the way you n sunny went for a walk along jalan maarof....lucky not like melkit n phupinder...taking gu** gran** sah** j* for ride along jalan maarof.....haha...
okey then..

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh~

Anonymous said...

was damn funnylah..the way u all shout n laugh...i saw that "girl" n my guess was rite...navjeet... hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Ajit Singh,
Thank you for the cds, got them yesterday and have started to listen to them. Here you dont enjoy the stuff we get in Malaysia. Always remember Malaysia is memang paradise.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice to have some fun but there is
a limit when you are involving
the premises of the Sabah House
especially with our Guru Granth Sahib and the of course Nihsan Sahib,

havocsingh said...

Hmmmmm.... I just have no comments for you..
Dono how you can think like that also?......