Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mini Samelan

For people staying aroud Klang Valley and Selangor, there will be a Mini Samelan.
Venue : Kampung Pandan Gurdwara (outside)

Date : 23rd (8.00am) & 24th Jun 2007

Age : 5 - 19 years old
Enterence is free, please do come and join in the fun as there will be inspirational sessions, talks on Sikhism, chance to meet new friends and learn more about Sikhism.

Please pass this messege on. Thanks


peen khaan wala said...

I got a pamphlet about this mini-samelan. very good effort. Its jointly organised by SNSM. SNSM seems to be organising and supporting many activities at Kg pandan gurdwara. Last year, SNSM had a major gurparabh celebration there, even though the gurpurabh programme had to be suspended half way to conduct a previously organised engagement ceremony. What a joke! By then most who came for the gurpurabh were irritated and left. Anyway since SNSM is supporting this gurdwara so much, which is good, its time for SNSM to confront the parbandakhs of this gurdwara for their anti-youth activities. I am told that the committee does not allow posters to be put up of youth activities carried out in other gurdwaras. This is only one example of the anti-youth attitude of these dinasour parbandaks in Kg pandan. When is SNSM gonna confront these parbandaks??

sewa keran wala said...

I totally disagree with the issue about kg pandan parbantaks. I have a few points to clarify:
1)SNSM 's honourable secretary is also an exco member of gurdwara sahib kg pandan and not forgetting HE IS A YOUTH.
2)If ur free this friday, pls do come to the gurdwara at 7pm. there will be youth program. THIS HAS BEEN GOIN ON FOR A YEAR ALREADY.
3)the samelan langgar is fully sponsored by the gurdwara.
4) there are punjabi classes, tabla and waja classes to help the youth develop in one way or another.
5)who told u that the committee does not allow u to put up the posters? pls do come and speak to our honourable secretary regarding this matter n bring this person fwd who told u bout this. don go around saying things which u don have any prove to support ur words.
any way take care and have a nice day
p.s. no hard feelings.... LOVE ALL SERVE ALL

peen khaan wala said...

Maan Yog Sewa Keran Wala Jio,

We are dealing with professional politicians here. They give the appearance of supporting the youth when it comes to their Gurdwara, but when other gurdwaras are concerned, they do not support. Only recenly some of us put up a poster of the Balak Kirtan programme to be held at Sungai Besi Gurd at the Kg. pandan Gurd. The committee took it down. When, the vice president (also a youth) was questioned, he said he doesn't know and we should talk to the president. When we questioned the president, we were shocked by the answer. He said "tusi is gurdwareh de ho ke, doosrey gurdwareh nu kio support kardeh ho?" If this is not seige mentality, what is? The guru is one, the youth are one , the sikhs are one, but these parbandaks have divided the sangat. I've been for the Friday youth programmes. As I said in my earlier post, this is good, but why the seige mentality. Are they worried that the golak will get less if sangat starts attending programmes at other gurdwaras? If SNSM secretary is on the exco, he needs to bring this issue up with the committee and confront them. Why are they dividing the youth?

With respect,