Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Merdeka Hi-Tea

Since this year is the most grand celebration for our country as its 50 years ready we got our independence from British, MUSS decided to have a Merdeka Hi-Tea in conjunction with it.
We the Sikhs also must support the Merdeka celebration as we lived in this country peacefully with the other races.
The main aim of this Hi-Tea is to enable our Sikh Youths to be united and enjoy the company of our fellow Sikh Brother & Sisters.

Date : 1st September 2007
Time : 5pm ( Please be on time for registration )
Venue : Sabha House, Bangsar

All College and University Sikh Students are requested to be present on this day as we would be having lots of fun activities for you and at the same time you would be able to meet students from different Higher Learning Institutes.

Let's create a strong relationship among all other Higher Education Sikh Students in Malaysia


Jasbir said...

excellent... however it should be publicise more openly so that many are aware of this programme..

geraksikh who has been instrumental for the live telecast from golden temple and air asia flights to amritsar have a interesting blog... happen to see it by chance.. should see it..

bole so nehal, sat sri akal

Anonymous said...

dats good..
how abt pre u students?(read-stp students)
haha juz a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

jo... i still don c my coll name on d list... how many times ill come sabha hse n help out n all representing my coll... play ping pong there.... put la my coll name in d list... MMC college...


yeah i am also in the MMC College but i never see my college name there..Our college people everytime come there and help, play ping pong and participate in the meeting..
I think jesmesh simply never put our college name there la..

Jesmesh Singh said...


MUSS caters for all College and Universities... All Higher Learning Institutes are already part of MUSS therefore there shouldnt be an issue if one's institute is not listed.

Btw do come for the Hi-Tea this Sat @ Sabha House.. Starting at 5pm