Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Malkiat Singh Lopo

Last Friday, i got a chance to go to Penang to visit a great Sewadar of the Sikhs in Malaysia, Malkiat Singh Lopo.

He is the writer of the popular Sikh novel in Malaysia, THE ENCHANTING PRISON, which is about the chronicles the early hardships, predicaments and successes of the Sikhs who, like other communities, helped propel Malaysia to the modern industrialised land it is today.
Any of you who are interested in getting his book, you can buy it from Sabha House.

He also has more than 1,000 pieces of handicraft collection. Malkiat Singh enjoys making handicraft such as traditional costumes for dolls, fans, belts, embroidered pillowcases and quilts. His house is full with this handicraft as he locates all the pieces , which are kept in his cupboards or in boxes underneath his beds to show to us.Many of his handicraft were exhibited in many Gurdwaras, Cheras programme, Aman peace, Open House and many other more.

~He does this all with his own hands, with the help of his wife~
He has major plans of exhibition to be done and be displayed for the 300th Gurgaddi Dihara of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji next year. Cant wait for it. May Guruji bless him to carry on this sewa.
Some of his exhibition stuff is available in Sabha House too.

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Aaron Goccia said...

SSA. I am interested in meeting with Malkiat Singh Lopo for some research that I am doing. Do you know how I can contact him? Thank you, Aaron