Monday, December 17, 2007

Missing all the Fun...

As everyone is having fun there in Samelan, i am as usual stuck here suffering with my college exams. Hmmm, what a test Guru Maharaj put me into. As the others, Samelan is the most anticipated event for the Malaysian during the end of the year. But slack my exams is during the samelan time and i can go for 2days only..

But yesterday (Day 0) i got a chance to attend the Samelan as i was performing and had some work to do. The Samelan was just havoc, as the Darbar Sahib is just excellent and beautifully decorated. A very well job done by the Sangat of Klang. The opening ceremony was also superb with the SIKH REMP-IT, and the Myvi Cars( there were about 15 Myvi Cars, and all were droven by the ladies, that means this shows that most of the ladies in Klang drive Myvi).

The first IPS at night was just out of the world with Giani Sarinder doing the Theme Shabad and Baba Man Mat Varo. It was an uplifting IPS.

Then came the sad part where i had to leave the Samelan ground to go back, it was a very sad thing for me, but never mind, as the others say there is always a next year.

Ok got to go, must go and study now, got alot to study, as i am playful person, always last minute only. lol

So enjoy the Samelan activities and happenings from the Samelan Blog


Anonymous said...

paji, me oso missing da samelan fun la :(
i m wrtting dis comment oso frm Lab3 haha

harvin said...

all d best for ur exams.. ;)