Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pipes & Dhol

I love it when there is a jamming session with Bagpipes and Dhol. The sound of it makes your feet to start moving to the beat and wanna dance..
I was going through youtube and i found this a few videos of Pipes & Dhol of our Malaysian Youths. Check it out.

- The Jamming Session at the MUSS Merdeka High Tea at Sabha House -

- Jamming at the Studio. The song name is itchy fingers. -


Anonymous said...

hey there.,,,1 st video of MUSS is horrible> reallly bad quality..
Plz take ur phone and throw away!!


havocsingh said...

hehe.. ok ok i will take my phone and throw away..
but make sure u buy for me a new one la, so that i can take nice quality videos for you..

Anonymous said...

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