Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sharda in doing Sewa

This is during the time when Amritdhari Gursikhs were very rare, when people would stand aside and bow upon seeing an Amritdhari Gursikh.Sikhi was very alive in the Indian army gursikhs. Taksal was almost never heard of outside of Punjab but it was in chardee kala unlike today. Taksal had a very strict rule. Jatha would never go to anyone's house uninvited.

Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji was once invited by someone to have"jall paani". So Sant Ji went with jatha of few gursikhs. The family was very religious so they did seva with pure heart. Sant Ji said the jatha will have smundar (milk) and then they will leave. So they put milk on the gas and after few minutes one girl put salt in the milk instead of sugar. No one knew about it. They served the milk to everyone. Sant Ji and all the singhs drank the milk, one singh did ardaas. No one complained, no singh was upset. The jatha left.

After couple of minutes, one of the family members tasted the milk and could not even get one sip down his throat. All the family members ran after Sant Ji, caught up and asked for forgiveness. Sant Ji asked "why are you asking for forgiveness?" The eldest man said,"Sant Ji, one girl mistakenly put the salt in the milk. Please forgive us." Sant Ji said, "I did not taste any salt.

The milk was very sweet."The man said, "how can that be? There was too much salt in it." Sant Jireplied, "Your seva made it sweet. Jatha came to your house because ofyour love not milk." Then the jatha left.

Lesson: It is important to do sewa full with Sharda/Humbelness and dont do much talking and do sewa by doing Simran.
In Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Amardas Ji says,

Satgur Keee Sewa Sefal Hai Jay Ko Keray Chit Laa-ay

Fruitful is service to the True Guru, if one does it with a sincere mind.

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