Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Babe ke Machap

Last Weekend, I went for a band performance at Babe ke Machap, Johor. The band left on Saturday by bus. This time tha band went with mostly juniors and this is a good thing that the band has brought up many junior people to performing members. The whole Saturday we spent only in the bus coz when leaving time it was terrible jam all the way from the tol to Seremban. As usual in the bus we took pangey to entertain ourselfs.

We reached Babeke Machap in the evening. We had our tea all and went and see around the place. Kirtan was going on.
The place had many flies, just reminded me of India. lolz.Then later the whole band decided to go and see Sant Baba Nahar Singh Ji who was the founder of the place. He gave a few advice to us and he also told us why he is building this place. He told that it was coz to show the younger generation about the guru's and other stuffs. I could not hear him coz he spoke softly.

Then we went and saw the Punjab. and I went and saw the replika of Golden Temple. It was nice and there was also a Statue of Mia Mir who was the person who Lay the first brick of Golden Temple. Then we went back to our chalet at around 11.00 . Phai fellows when go back where can sleep, all of us then played basketball.
The next day morning we got ready and went for our performance. The performance was in the afternoon. It was a nagar kirtan, band was leading in front followed by the panj pyaree, the gatka team , Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the sangat. The Nagar Kirtan was around the Machap compound only, about 2 Km. It was from the darbar sahib to the Replika of Harminder Sahib and back to the Darbar Sahib.
After that we went back to chalet, pack our things and left to KL. On the way back also it was jam. hayooo. The whole trip was damm meaningful and enjoyable. You should go there and see the place by yourself.

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