Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Around the World

You might have watched or heard about the Jackie Chan movie, Around the World in 80 days, but that is nothing. I and my frens went around the world in less then 1 hour...... yah i noe u dont believe me, see the pictures below as a proof....

- Taj Mahal -

- The Great Wall of China -

- The Laughing Buddha -

- The statue of liberty -

- the Eiffel tower -

- Peace -

- Dragon -

- The Sleeping buddha -

- KLCC and (The leaning tower of pisa at the back) -

Actually there is a place in Machap, Johore where you can go and see all these things for just Rm 8.00.. haha. but all of them are fake... Nice place to go and see...


Anonymous said...

heyy..hehe..glad my pic taking turned out well *winks*...yea,me had LOTSA fun in dis tripp..goshh,u neva had dis much fun b4..hehe..u were soo funny n d tour around world n d boat ride havocla...=)


Anonymous said...

of course they are fake u idiot..laughing buddha n statute of liberty in johor..get a life

Anonymous said...

This will be called " round the world " in 1 minute.