Saturday, December 02, 2006

Helping the Needy Ones

I just came back from this Hari Keluarga Interaksi Orang Kurang Upaya( Family Day For the Disabled). I went there with Jag. We went there to represent SNSM to give out Prothey and help around there.

- Jag carrying things with the Trolly -
- Me putting the balons -

When I went there I was feeling sad for the disabled. Some of them were without hands and legs. It was very pity to see them. And I was saying Waheguru Tera Shukar Hai, for making me a perfect human being in Physical form. And i felt that since Waheguru has bless me with legs and hands, its better for me to do more Sewa and help the others.
- The Disabled Exercising -
- The Goddie Bags -
- The Aerobics -

- The showcase of Equipments that helps the disabled people -

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Balvinder Singh said...

I'm a supporter of this KIOKU organisation and they do some amazing stuff for the physically challenged. I'm glad you guys were there to support them as the christian youth have been active in past years. By the way i was also there sitting under the VIP canopy and was called up to stage to receive a momento for free-legal aid rendered to KIOKU.