Monday, January 08, 2007

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

We just only celebrated the avtaar dihara of our Tenth Master, Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Let me share with you some of the stories during the Guru's Time.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed us with the name SINGH and KAUR. The name Singh wich means Lion or brave and Kaur wich means Princess. All of us should be proud of these name given to us.

Guru ji also created the Khalsa Panth of the Sikhs at Anadpur Sahib. The story went like this....

After conducting a deep study of the life and experiences of the Sikh Gurus, the history, the prevailing conditions in the Indian society and the policies of the Mughal empire and after prolonged meditation, Guru Gobind Singh decided to take the guru tradition and the long struggle of the mission of the Gurus to a conclusion. He announced his decision to hold a massive congregation of followers from all over the country at Anandpur. A congregation was arran
ged in April 1699 on the first day of Vaisakh month by sending orders to Sikhs everywhere and inviting others. Around 80,000 people gathered. A stage was set up at today’s Kesgarh. After singing of hymns, Guru ji, who was fully attired as a warrior, brandished his naked sword and announced that the Guru needed the head of a Sikh. The congregation fell silent. What had come upon the Guru, thought one and all. After some time Bhai Daya Singh got up and presented himself before the Guru. He was of warrior caste (khatri) and was from Lahore. The Guru took him into the tent which was pitched at the back. He came back with his sword dripping with blood and asked for another head. Dharam Chand, a jat from Hastinapur arose and offered his head. Guru ji patted him on the back and took him into the tent. Then came back and demanded a third, a fourth and a fourth life. Some members of the congregation left out of fear and astonishment. Some went and complained to Mata Sundari about his behaviour. After the second person, Mohkam Chand who belonged to the caste of washermen from Dwarka, Himmat Rai, a fisherman of Jagannath and Sahib Chand, a barber from Bidarpur offered themselves. After attiring all of them in robes and weapons, the Guru called them his Five Favourites (Panj Piare) in front of the whole congregation. He prepared a bowl of holy nectar, the amrit chanting the five sacred texts all the while and passing the two-edged dagger through it.

He offered amrit to all the five and announced that henceforth Daya Singh, Dharam Singh, Mohkam Singh, Himmat Singh and Sahib Singh shall be known as the Five Favourites who will protect the sufferers, wi11 fight against oppressors as lions and will eliminate tyranny. Thereafter, the Guru partook of the holy nectar from the Five. Thus he became "the disciple Guru". He made Sikhs into "Singhs" (lions) and women Sikhs he called "Kaur" (warrior). By calling the gathering of Sikhs the Khalsa (pure), he gave birth to an army of warriors whose mission was to get rid of oppression and injustice and to create a society having spiritual peace, unity of humankind and a feeling of sharing.

Creation of the Khalsa also signified the end of caste and creed, religious differences and the birth of a new Man. On that occasion Guru ji said:

"Chunkar az hama heelate dar guzasht,

Halal ast burdan bshamshir dast."

(It is just to raise the sword when all other means fail).

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