Thursday, January 04, 2007

Samelan Experience

First of all i would like to say Sori for not updating my blog for the past 2 weeks coz i was in samelan and my computer was spoil.
Samelan this year was interesting and quite havoc. I went to the Samelan grounds on the Friday before the samelan to try to help out cost everyear as usual the Logistic Crew would go to the Samelan Crew early to clean up the school. Since I signed contract with them i also had to go to Samelan early to help out, as every year.
When i went there oni, a great incident happend, 3 frens of mine was trying sum skill out, standing behind a lorry trying to act cool, and ended up 3 of them got injured. hahaha. it was damm funny.. Neva mind it was a small thing oni...
The day b4 samelan from 2pm - 10.00pm The Logistic Crew were cleaning up the school hostel for the galz n the boys dorm. It was damm tiring work coz we had to carry the blankets and arrange them and had to clean the place as it was very very smelly.. all of us were very very exhausted.. but we were rewarded by an auntie, she orderd pizza for us . yeah, we were happy, and we ate pizza. The auntie had promised us that she will buy for us pizza and indeed she did..very kind of the auntie to buy for us pizza.
First day of the Samelan was very nice. I went to the airport in the morning to pick up the participant that were coming from Bangkok. Then later the Guru maharaj came in the afternoon. It was quite grand as Guru Maharaji came in a horse-cart. It was lead by a few bikers and older cars.
During the samelan week, there were many interesting activities.
Firstly was the IPS in the Darbar Sahib. The IPS was done very inspiringly. The best was as usual the PKJ jatha lead by Veer Baley and Veer Raja. The other kirtani also did good kirtan like tha AKJ jatha, Dasmesh, SGGS Academy and many other more. The samelan theme Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chalee was sung with love by the participants.
The lectures was also very good especially by Veer Karminder and Veer Tony(bangkok). The are very knowledgeble speakers. Their understanding of Sikhi is damm power.
I was in Jatha 6. It was a havoc jatha. I did not participate much but i met new very interesting people. We did the 1st langgar sewa for the Samelan and the responsibilities was left on our jatha to design the seating co-ordination, the serving counters and the way to guide people to the langgar hall. We did it quite well and eventually all the jatha followed our style of the setting up the langgar hall. :)
The Samelan Idol was also nice. The Best was my fren Fareed, the judges asked him to do Catwalk and what he did was just took two steps behind and put his hands on the floor and did his catwalk with "Meow" "Meow". hahaha, that was damm funny. He became the star of the samelan with his so called catwalk. hehe. The person who won the Samelan Idol for the gal was a gal from Sweeden and the guy was from Bangkok. both from my jatha. they were damm good and nice ppl.
I made alot of new frens during samelan and took some pangey here n there. Lolz. I also hope I will apply all the new things I learn form samelan to my daily life. C
ant wait for the next samelan.
I will be uploding the samelan pictures soon. For now visit Jagjit's Blog
for some of the pictures.

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