Monday, March 26, 2007

Johor Kirtan Tour & IYC CHERAS

Last weekend Me, Sukhveer, Sukhvin went to Johore Bahru, as there was kirtan Darbar in conjunction with Vaisakhi (Southern Region).
We drove the Ragis there. We left on Saturday and came back on Sunday. We took Bhai Maninder Singh and Bhai Ram Singh and went. It was fun all the way there. Bhai Maninder Singh and his jatha was very funny and jovioul people.
The Kirtan timing there was at 7.00pm. The kirtan and katha was good. Bhai Maninder Singh did my favorite shabad wich was SO KION VISREY MERI MAEE.(Click here to download)

~ The Sangat ~

At nite we went to eat the popular dish in JB wich was Tauhu Bakar. Normally everytime we go there we sure we will eat this and come back. Tha taste is just delicious.

~ Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Tabiya ~

~ The View Of the Gurdwara from the outside ~

~ One of the potraits on the wall, very beautiful ~

The next day we woke up for Asa Di Waar, it was done by Bhai Makhan Singh. He sang the Asa Di Waar with love. It was very very nice and melodius. After that the local jatha did kirtan and then followed by the other ragi jatha.

We also opened up sabha shope there and the demand for cd's were good. On the way back in the van, the Ragis played Gurbani Antakshree. It was fun as it test how many shabad we know and we also can learn new one as well.

If you didnt had a chance to hear these ragi jatha, make sure to attend the Vaisakhi Grand Programme in IYC, Cheras. It is one awoseme programme that cannot be missed by anyone.

Highlights of the programme are :
- Amrit Sanchar
- Kirtan & Katha Darbar
- Balak Darbar
- Awards for students with good achievements
- Punjabi Bazaar
- Women Awareness Camp
- Sewa & Lots more....

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