Monday, April 02, 2007

Cheras Semagam

The Cheras Semagam this year was very Havoc. There were many Top Form Ragis. My favorite kirtani, Bhai Maninder Singh did power pack kirtan, as well as Bhai Sharanjeet Singh Thawar with his melodious tunes. and not forgetting the girls jatha from UK did great as well, as the girls voice was nice. The local jatha especially the Akhand Kirtani Jatha also did very Ghajkay. The pictures below highlights the events that happen during the programme.


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Anonymous said...

yea, gotta agree with you, bhai maninder singh and the uk jatha was gud.. even the akj boys were gud, cheras smagam this year was great!


Peen Khaan Wala said...

The international raagis this year were a little dissapointing. Other than Bhai Maninder S and Sharanjeet S Thawar the others were quite mediocre. Prof. Amar Singh Jatha was impresive but why is a Jatha led by a professor in music singing mostly musical compositions of other Raagis? Most of the shabads they sung were compositions of Bhai Satwinder/Harwinder S.

The Baalak Kirtani jathas were once again very impressive and all of them showed great potential. The question that we should all ask ourselves is, what is going to become of these young kirtanis when they grow older. Is there any opportunity/platform for them to perform kirtan sewa at Gurdwara/Satsang level? At present sadly there is none or very little. Foreign Raagis are the order of the day at every Gurdwara/Satsang. Even at IYC, except for Sri Dasmesh, the top local jathas were given some obscure time to perform kirtan.

Rather than just congratulating ourselves on what an excellent job we have done, which we have with Guru's Kirpa, we should critically examine whether our programmes are meeting their objectives and reaching out to the target group. We need to ask ourselves whether we have lost the plot and become another Gurdwara. We need to identify our key performance indicators (KPI). One of the fundamental KPI, I would imagine, is the number of Amrit Ablaakhis at our annual programmes. Is the number increasing or otherwise? If it is dwindlng, can we consider our programmes a success? Are we moving in the right direction? How many of our Naujawans/youth were seen at the IYC darbar, listening to Parwana Ji and the other kirtanis? Is Sabha merely duplicating what other Gurdwaras are doing or are able to do? I hope we sit down soon and put some thought into these matters.

Once again Ajit, great job in highlighting the memorable moments of this years IYC programme.

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Anonymous said...

cheras program was superb..bhai maninder singh, bhai makhan singh, bhai ram singh n AKJ was damn gud...keep it up...