Monday, March 19, 2007

Kampar Mini Samelan

Last weekend, I went for a weekend mini samelan at Kampar Gurdwara. I went there with my 2 friends Jagjit and Baljit. All they way to the samelan I heard fantastic katha by them. We were just disscussing about Sikhi. We reached there at late night and all the participants were sleeping by that time ready.
In the morning we had Japji Sahib. Then we had our Nashta, followed by the Nishan Sahib Selami. There were about 30 participants that attanded the Samelan. After that we had the classroom session. It was handled by veer Tarminder and Baljit. They talked about the Sakhi's of the Guru and linked it with our daily lives.
After that we had the IPS. It was done by Sukhsimran Kaur. She sang the theme shabad, and then Baljit gave the meaning of the shabad Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chalee. It was a great katha given by him. The langgar in the afternoon was top form. We had Nasi Lemak Kampar Style and Ice Cream. It was delicious.
After that I left to Cameron Highlands with Phobinder to pick up a Ragi Jatha. I went all the way up to Tanah Rata just for 10 minutes and come back down. Hehe, wat a tiring journey. Then after that we came back to Kuala Lumpur and we pass on the baton to Navjeet and gang to continue the journey till Port Dickson and Melaka Gurdwara.
I took some pictures with my new camera Olympus FE 170. Now at least i have a camera, and i can take pictures whereever i go.

~ During the Morning Areobics ~
~ Jagjit Leading The Nishan Sahib Selami ~
~ Tarminder During the classroom session ~
~ Baljit asking the girls to introduce themselves ~

~ During the IPS Session ~

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