Friday, March 23, 2007


A singer in Tanjung Rambutan was lying in bed singing. After a while, he turned and sang with face down. Nurse asked why like that? He said "Cassette side B playing"

An old punjabi woman walks on ice and falls. She cries "Hai Meri Kismet". A Gora(englishman) walking by says " Hai, Merry Christmas To You Too"!

In an interview, boss ask chinese graduate 2 make sentence with green, pink, yellow, blue, white, purple & black to test her English.
Her answer: I hear phone GREEN GREEN, then i go PINK up phone. I say YELLOW BLUE's that? WHITE you said? Oh sorry wrong number, dont PURPLE disturb me & dont call BLACK ok?
The Boss Fainted.

Blonde : Sitting on The Top of the Mountain and Studying.
When a Person asked what she was doing. she replied - Higher Studies Man !!!

Do you ever notice that when you're driving, anyone going slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster than you is a maniac?

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