Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bhai Niranjan Singh Vaisakhi Tour - Update

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The Simran wich played on this blog ( for those who have the plugin and can hear it) is done by Bhai Niranjan Singh. Click Here to download it.


Bhai Niranjan Singh will be down for two days.

Tuesday - Titiwangsa Gurdwara and Wednesday - Petaling Jaya


Peen Khaan Wala said...

Wow! This has made my Vasakhi and with Bittu, its double bonus!!

Anonymous said...

it thought it was cancelled?

JK said...

well as far as i know the prog is cancelled and not postponed..

JK said...

Latest update - Just got confirmation that Bhai Sahib will be in Malaysia tomorrow and first program will be tomorrow in Titiwangsa Gurd
Hopefully there's no last minute changes.

More details:

Rab Rakha

peen khaan wala said...

Yes the prog is confirmed for tomorrow at Ttwgsa and at PJ Gurd on Wednesday. After that as scheduled earlier....