Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kampar Trip

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
First of all as usual I would like to apologize for not updating my blog as I was not feeling well this past one week.
On Friday I got this opportunity to follow my fellow friends to Kampar Gurdwara for a Kirtan Semagam. We went there by Sabha Van. We had fun all the way there as all of us tried solving a few IQ questions. As it turns out to be Baby was the smartest among all of us as he manages to answer many tricky questions. Lolz

~ On The way~

We reached there around 8.00pm. Then we had our langgar as we were hungry. After the Granthi Ji’s kirtan, Jasbeyanti did an excellent Simran Session. It was power pack. Then we had the Nikiten Jatha lead by Palvinder and Veer Mahabeer did kirtan and katha. Palvinder did the shabad Rehm Teri Sukh Paya and veerji gave the katha on the Shabad.
~ Jasbeyanti doing Simran~
~ Nikiten Jatha ~

~ Guru Maharaj ~

Later it was the finale with Akj Jatha, lead by Veer Rasvinder. They did the kirtan with rajkhey aur ghajkey dey naal. It was cekap. Watch the video below, sorry its not so clear as it was taken with handphone.

~ Come, come come by cd from Sabha Shoppe ~

The next day in the morning, all of us went to swim at a waterfall nearby. This was all planed by Sukhvin and his brother. They took care of the KL people. They even prepared food to be eaten at the waterfall. The trip to the waterfall from the Gurdwara was about 15 minutes. We left around 10.30. We had to go through 15 minutes walk through the jungle to reach to the waterfall.

~ Sukhvin & his Bro ~

~ Walking to the waterfall ~

~ We even captured a hostage ~

When Navjeet and Baby saw the waterfall only, they straight away changed and dived into the cold water. We enjoyed as the water’s flow on the top was fast and nice. We even played chopping and Water Polo. We had a friendly water polo game between Perak team and the KL team. As usual the KL team won, we wacked the Perak team 8-2.
We didn’t realize the time was getting late, as we were busy enjoying in the water. We came out around 2.30pm.
Then we came back to the Gurdwara, wash up and left to KL. We were very exhausted and tired but we enjoyed ourselves.

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