Thursday, June 21, 2007


Those of you who love to watch movies, check out this funny spoof.

United 300- mix of the movie 300 and the United 93 movie. Damm funny. This blooper won the best spoof in the recent MTV Movie Awards.

p/s: check out this 2 new bloggers.

1)Indy the Piper : A great Dasmesh Band Bagpiper. Use to have a blog, used to write nice articles but then he stopped writting. Now he's back again with a new webpage with new interesting stuff for us to read. Check it out.

2) Syashee: My classmate, who created a blog to write about the upcoming and latest movies in the market. He also uploads some links for those of you who wants to download new movies or songs from BITCOMET. He also post's some funny jokes.


Shinda said...

Got to say that video was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Syashee said...

nice video... made me laugh... anyway thanks for the publicity