Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When Did We Last Meet ? (Question to my Maker)

When did we last meet?
How did we greet?
Did we embrace?
Did I have the courage to touch your radiant face?

What was the season the day and the time?
Was it raining then or did the sun shine?
Did I have virtue then, hence the reason of us meeting?
Was I in true love with you beyond all forms of deceiving?

Did I put my head on your golden feet?
Was I humble then, without conceit?
Did you take me in your arms like the mother does her child?
Did I fall asleep in your lap under the radiance of your smile?

How many moons have gone by since we last met?
How many births how many deaths?
Sometimes I hear vibrations of your sweet song,
Where did I falter where did I go wrong?

Like a newborn child crying to the mother for its feed,
I remain unsatisfied with everything; it is you that I need,
The pain of being without you is getting much more severe,
When will our eyes meet again is that moment near?

By: Hardeep Singh


Anonymous said...


Nice blog. I would like to get incontact with the author of the blog? Can you PLEASE let me know an e-mail address we can contact you on?


A. Singh

havocsingh said...

Thanks, its all Waheguru's blessings for me to do this sewa.

My email address is ajit_10@hotmail.com