Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Great News Awaits Future Leaders of the Panth

APIIT Sikh Students is currently planning to organise a joint-venture Jorh Mela with all other leading Higher Learning Institutes in Malaysia.

Living in a country of multi ethnicity and diversity, our youths face many challenges in their daily lives in schools, colleges, work place and so on. One of the foremost challenges that confronts the Sikh youths today is the challenge to their distinctive identity. Thefore we a group of Sikh students currently studying @ APIIT seek to devote its attention and energy to the task of reaching out and equipping the youth with necessary information and tools to stand and overcome these challenges.

This jorh mela would be a very first in Malaysia,whereby every college sikh students get together and hold a major event.

The main purpose of this jorh mela is to get all the youths together and therefore to create a network among our youngsters.

Colleges that we are trying to get to join us to hold this jorh mela are :-
1.Multimedia University (MMU)
2.Universiti Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN)
3.Inti College Malaysia (INTI)
4.Taylor’s College
5.Unity College International
6.KDU University College
7.Sunway University College
8.HELP University College
9.ATC Kemayan College
10.Petronas University of Technology (UTP)
11.Mahsa College
12.Masterskill College
13.International MedicalUniversity (IMU)
14. Lim Kok Wing University College
15. Stamford College
16. Olympia College
17. FTMS College
19. Segi College

We are truly sorry if your college have been left out.. Do notify us and we will include your institute in our list.

Please reply to us if you are intrested to join this jorh mela.
Kirtan session will be handled by a leading professional Jatha.
We hope to hear from all the representative of this colleges ASAP to discuss further on the venue, date and time.
Please e-mail the following persons to confirm your college’s participation:
Harvin Singh -
Jesmesh –


Anonymous said...

how can it be the biggest jodh mela... when it is being organised by a DRAMA brother....

Anonymous said...

Bro...Why do you have pictures of Bhindranwale on your site ? If you know the history of punjab, you should know that he was also to be blamed for all the violence in punjab. I know Sikhs suffered enough under the Police but he was no saint. Pulling innocent people out of the buses and killing them based on the religion, I don't think you can find that kind of explanation in out Granth. Its sad to see that you have Gurbani on your site and at the same time, portray people who can be called murderers on your site. That's a shame !!!

Anonymous said...

First up whoever you are just 1 thing to say that there will forever be ppl like you.How much do you know abt Sant Jarnail Singh?Or better how much do you know abt Guru Granth Sahib.You dont even have the brains to address Guru in a proper way..what more can you do besides slandering ppl.Were you there to defend the Panth in 1984 were you the 1 to do wake the whole Punjab and give them amrit and make them read Bani and fight for their rights.Ppl like you just know how to past remarks I bet you might be an admirer of the Gandhi family.The bus incdent was a plain poltical move by the Govt.How much of a Sikh are you? Sant Jarnail Singh spoke about women being raped and foced in to having sexual acts with their fathers.Do you know that.Oh no I guess you are just the SO CALLED MODERN DAY SIKH.If this is the case then blame Guru Hagobind Patshah right till Guru Gobind Singh the told Sikhs to arm themselves and fight for their rights.So mate wats is going to be next? Ur brains that are just full of maggots only tells you to dig up shit and spread them.Dont beF****ing shit and get your facts rite.Oh ya and if you have any shame left dont bother posting any remarks on this topic.Have you ever talk to someone on sikhi?Or do you just spill your shit every where you go.Why dont you see the Singh who runs this blog and he can introduce you to me so that I can put some sense into a dog brain like yours.

peen khaan wala said...

If you think that Sant Bhindranwale is to be blamed for the violence in Punjab, you are a victim of Indian Intelligence propoganda and media brainwash. Please read the following article about facts released recently by Pannun in his book containing first hand accounts about the entire episode. You can then decide for yourself who were the terrorists and who were the victims.

DON'T FORGET 1984!!!

Anonymous said...

I acknowledgethe effort that is being put in this jodh mela and everything. But I couldn't help noticing that some professional keertani jatha is going to do kirtan. I was thinking, since it is a youth and student jodh mela, then surely there are some students in all these colleges could do kirtan. So why not get these students to do the kirtan and seva?
This is only a suggestion. The rest is up to the jodh nela organizers.

Resh said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Ajit, wei you site has become a battle ground for politics ah.

Anyway with due respect to all, don't you think any comments should be directed to the post and not about other things. Just my humble opinion

Jesmesh Singh said...

We,Apiit Sikhs wolud like to thank all individuals that have been helping us to reproduce the jorh mela bulletin

Anyway,there will be a jorh mela
meeting with all college's
representative to discuss the date and he venue of the jorh mela.All college hich is joining or considering to oin are required to send a epresentative.

Details are as followed:

Venue : Sabha House,Jln. Maroof,Bangsar
Date : 15th July 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm

Please contact the following numbers to confirm your attendance and for further information contact :



havocsingh said...

I did not create this blog to put any issues regarding politics, its just that people will come and leave some comments that might hurt people. So this makes it look like a political place but its not, its just that some people dont know the facts properly, so they will ask wrong questions, and we must help them by giving them good answers and guiding them to the correct path. Cheers

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