Monday, July 16, 2007

Sant Sipahi Camp

While i was being accused of writing comments on the people's blog with anonymous nick, they did not know that i was off to the Sant Sipahi Camp during the weekend :)


First of all i would like to share with you the importance of doing ardass to Guru Maharaj and ask for blessings before going off to any trip. This happen to us on the way going to Melaka Gurdwara. We left to Melaka without asking the AGIAA of Guru Maharaj. On the way there, after Seremban, suddenly our bus had this loud weird sound and smoke started coming out from the gearbox which is located behind part of the bus. Then our bus had to stop. We got down and saw that that the many of the parts of the gearbox had dropped on the roadside and the cars were going so fast. We had to remove all the parts of the gearbox from the road as two cars just stopped behind us with a flat tyre. As the cars were coming fast and it was dark at night, 5 of us had to run untill the middle of the highway to carry the fallen parts as we worried that simply other innocent people will face accident.

Then later we saw far away a biker lying at the side of the road and was injured. We ran towards him and luckly he wasnt injured badly. He told us that he was going at the side of the road and suddenly he hit into something and he flew and did Summersault 3 times and he dropped and we saw his bike was bad shape, his engine broke and his blackoil flew everywhere on the road. Luckly Jagdeep saw him from far, or not he will be left there alone injured in the dark and no cars might have stopped for him and at the same time his handphone batery had died. Waheguru tera Shukar Hai.

Later we got to found out that there were some sharp steel rods lying on the road and one of it flew into the bus gearbox. Before it happen to us, 3 cars also got flat tyres infront of us.
Then we called the Plus and they came. Spike and Amirshan was the heroes as they changed the flat tyre's of the two cars. Then the PLUS came and took control of the situation and they took the motorcyclist to the hospital. Then we had to wait for another two hours for the next bus. All in the bus remaind calm and we played some games and did kirtan. Then we remembered that we did not do ardass before leaving.


We took the bus and we arrived at Melaka Gurdwara around 1.3oam. We washed up and had a fantastic amritwela session. We did our amritwela session in the garden of the Gurdwara as the Darbar Sahib was clossed. It was very peaceful and havoc amritwela session.
Next day we woke up and had the first simran & IPS session. Simran was done by Jasbeanti and it was amaizing and superb. Then Veerji Sher gave katha about how to live a Sipahi lifestyle.
Then after that it was the Lunch time and we expecting that the Langgar was made by the Sewadar but all of us we were instructed to make langgar together. It was something different. The objective was to make us feel that during the Guru's time when they went for war and came back, the Sipahi had to make their own langgar althought they were tired. All had fun in making pappar, "crying" while cutting onions :) , making sabji, rice and lots more. The langgar was havoc and tasty.

Later we had gatka session and were thought on how to use the sothi, and the one thing that goes round and round and we have to stand in the middle to move it and has plastic balls on the side( Sorry i forgot the name, will some one tell me, thanks) it was nice.
While there was a demostratiom going on how will the combat happen, two of the sewadars, Harwin and Ravin came and threw water at the participants and later we had the Water Fight Session. We had alot of fun making people wet. I was also wet from top to bottom.
Then we went and clean up the Gurdwara on the mess we did for the water fight and went clean up overselfs and we had session teaching on how to tie Dhurmalla. It was shown by amirshan, as he ties very it very beautifully. We had kirtan session and question & answer session at night. Giani Harcharan Singh also did kirtan. He did it ghajkay and powerpack.

Next day we had gatka in the morning we learned more. We were also given a demostration by Jessy on how they will do KILA( many people attack one person in the middle) It was damm nice and we tried the KILA on our instructors like Jessy, Spike, Harwin and The bercham veerji. They defended themselves very well with their own diffrent skills. It was nice to see these. Later we had our last IPS session by Nikiten Jatha lead by veer Charanbir. It was ghajkay also. After that we packed our bags and left to KL without forgetting to do Ardass first. :)
I had alot of fun at the camp while learning alot. Cant wait for the next camp.

The pictures of the camp i will upload soon as i need to get it from Harwin.


Anonymous said...

paji...the camp wuz great...
about tha bus incident,i wuold like 2 share a few things...i spoke to the bus driver when some of us was helping the motorbike feller and he told that in this kind of failures,the bus could gone out of control easily,but he said luckily nobody panic as it made him more calm and alert of the situation that he could control the bus.
This is a perfect reminder from Guruji to always do an ardass before any trip.


peen khaan wala said...

You must always look at the positive side of things. The bus incident was supposed to happen as it was fated ("Bhana"). With Guru Ji's blessing and Rakhia nothing worse happened. Everything turned out fine in the end and the Guru also blessed you guys with selfless sewa of other road users. The Guru is great. He does not "punish" for not doing ardaas/prayers. It is not in his nature to do so. To blame the whole incident on not doing ardaas in not right. It is a gentle reminder though that we need to seek his blessings before we embark on any Kaaraj.

Anonymous said...

hey... whats all this about u posting on other ppl's blog as anon. So what, its an option rite... anyway i'm sure u know rite that u can still post even if u r in M'cca or anywhere else in the world. Haven't u heard of Wifi, laptops, blackberry, cybercafes'. U got a blog la, keep up with such things. don't come up with such a flimsy alibi...

Anonymous said...

tofu bhai... bond maar eh kutia di jina ne tera naam roshan kita... this ppl don hv any other work besides talkin cock bout others, accusing others without prove or anythin... don hv 2 defend urself oso... who ever is behind this will get it sum day... either in this or in their next birth...


havocsingh said...

PKW i just posted it 2 remind us of the importance of ardaas. Just to remind ppl. Yeah i know Guru ji wont simply do to us do anything like that. hehe.
anyway love ur great thoughts, thanks,

aayo i forgot la about these latest technology stuff ready la. i am not as advanced like you la paji.
i got no laptop, gurdwara no wifi, and not allowed to leave the gurdwara compound.

Thanks for ur support N4VJ337.

Anonymous said...

I really feel sad for u la. Even ppl who claim to support u are shy to tell others who they are. They are full of filthy language and oni know how to curse ppl. I wonder how u feel about such ppl supporting u when u make yrself look like such a loving gursikh on yr blog. Is this the kind of ppl that go to sant sipahi camp?? and then u thank them for telling u to #%$$^%&^&^%. god bless these ppl in this life and the next and next and next.....

Anonymous said...

paji...i will always stand by ur side no matter wat... coz i know u didnt write tat comment on phasi's blog n if u did it, u wud hv told me about it at least... i dunno who else is writing all this comments in ur blog s well.. especially this last one.. no name nothin. i respect u 4 ACCEPTING it n not DELETING it like phasi... truth will prevail sum day... u accept critism 2 urself and others in ur blog... tats sumthin we all should learn from this... coz everyone has a say here...
peace bro....

havocsingh said...

Anonymous Paji, first of all you told that
"Even ppl who claim to support u are shy to tell others who they are."
Just go and read everyones post again, see at the bottom of their posts got their names.
And now you tell me who is shy rather then you.

Yeah i know that it was kinda rude but still he is trying to calm me down so that i dont feel sad about this stuff, Thats where good friends like N4VJ337 come in play...rather then you just "kutuking" me oni all the way.

i duno what you have against me, but i wanna say SOrry to you if i did anything wrong to you.

Anyway thanks for the comment that i trying to look like a gursikh,
anyway i am only a pappi.
Ham Nehi Chengey Bura Nahi Ko-ay
I am not good and no one is bad.

and thanks phobinder, i will try my best to u accept critism 2 myself and others in this blog.

singh84 said...

gurfateh.....well i can only say that ajit was all the way in the camp...taking part in all the activities, n yeah malacca gurdwara has got no wifi, he had no laptop with him there, the gurdwara might have internet access(which i am not sure of) but if there was internet access he had no time to log in to the net coz the timetable in the camp was too pack.

so paji juz chill out n screw the whole wide world for framing u up.

stay cool n yeah the pics i'll mail it to u ASAP k



Anonymous said...

dun care of wat others say...god knws the truth..and only god can judge a person..i always believe that WAT GOES AROUND CUMS AROUND..dun get worked up wif wat others have to

peen khaan wala said...

I just read the interesting comments on phasi's blog. Your name wasn't mentioned but you were indirectly implicated for saying something which was already deleted. I wonder what was said that got everybody excited in the first place???

havocsingh said...

i think you should write to phasi about what did he delete or belay for what he replied. i think they will have the answers ready for you and all of us. I suggest its better for you to leave your real name there rather than your nick otherwise he will delete your comment and belay will accuse me again..

Anonymous said...

ajit when will u be posting the pics..wanna see lah..