Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The Youth Kirtan Darbar which was organised in Kg Pandan Gurdwara, had a great response from everyone including the youths. The Kirtan done by all the Jathas were uplifting and ghajkay. So this is a follow up for that programme. Those of you who missed the first one, try to come for this one, it will be superb. (its this year 2007, not 2008- printing error)
Well there is a new addtion in the Malaysian Sikh Blogger list. There is this new blogger in town. A few of us encouraged him to open a blog because he is quite a learned person and writes very well on gurbani. He created his blog to share The Wisdom of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to all the youths.

Go and check out his blog.


Check out this video on friday vs monday (work). Damm funny, had a great laugh
Make sure you turn on your speaker.

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hahahahhahah...that was soooooooooooooooo true lah