Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gurbani Veechar Classes


It is the duty of all Sikhs to engage in personal and communal meditation, Kirtan and the study of the holy Scriptures. Meditating and understanding of the SGGS is important to the proper development of a Sikh. One must study Gurmukhi and be able to read Gurbani and understand the meaning of the text. Translations and other material may be used to assist the Sikh but must not be the primary text for the Sikh. The Sikh has to revert back to the SGGS for the all spiritual guidance in ones life – from birth to death. (SIKHIWIKI)

Gurbani Veechar classes for the Youths
Venue : Sabha House
Time : 7.30pm - 9.00pm (Every Monday)
The Classes for this week has been cancel due to some reasons. It will only continue back on September. We are very sorry for the inconvinience. Will inform you all the date later. Thanks.

We started off last week with the importance of "Sihari", "Onkar", "Adhak" and "Bihari" in the gurbani of SGGS as there will be some part in the SGGS where we no need to read the "Sihari" but it is there. This is because the meaning of that word is different. It was a fun learning session.Next Monday we will be starting out with Japji Sahib on how to read it and understand the meaning. Please do come and join us and please pass this messege around.

You might be thinking that you dont know anything about reading punjabi and you are shy to come and all that stuff; Dont Worry, all of us also are weak only and we come here to improve ourself. If we dont improve ourselfs now then when we going to??


Anonymous said...

hey i just wanted to find out, who will be teaching those classes??

Anonymous said...

Hey check out this blog which i noticed on geraksikh.

havocsingh said...

Oh sorry i forgot to mention about the person who will he handling the classes.
It will be handled by Master Daljit Singh, a very learned person with very good knowledge on Gurbani.

ajay said...

Sewa Vichar Foundation was created in 2000 to originally record the entire oral recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the purpose of helping anyone to read and understand the Gurus words and to Gurbani bring
people closer to Gurbani. Since 2000, Sewa Vichar Foundation has expanded its efforts and sewa to record more Gurbani to reach each and every household in the world