Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Malaysian United Sikh Students Meeting

Great News Awaits Future Leaders Of Our Panth.

You are invited to represent your College/University/Institute for our Malaysian United Sikh Students Meeting .

Details are stated below :
Date : 12th August 2007
Time : 4.00pm
Venue : Sabha House Meeting Room.

The main reason for this meeting to be called is to create a Database of all Punjabi Students who are currently studying in Higher Learning Institutes.This network would be a platform for the youths to be united under one common ground. We have a few interesting activities planned to be carried out.

Currently the Colleges which is under MUSS are :-
1. A.P.I.I.T
2. Brickfields Asia College
3. Taylors College
4. Mara College, Banting
5. Masterskill College of Nursing & Health Science
6. Institut Megatech
7. ATC Kemayan
8. TPM College
9. FTMS College
10. Help Uni College
11. CosmoPoint
12. Nilai International Uni College
13. TAR College
15. LIM KOK WING University
16. U.C.T.I

Please be present this Sunday and bring your friends from other colleges so that they too can be part of this First Ever Malaysian Sikh Students Network.
Should you need more information please call Jesmesh @ 017-2010540
See you'll this sunday @ Sabha House ( Please pass the msg to all your friends )

By : Jesmesh Singh


Anonymous said...

wanted to find out, is the date for this programme set?

Anonymous said...

Please help to support this event as it will bring the youths together..

More chance to meet new friends too

Logistics Crew

Anonymous said...

wei... i registered my coll in it but i don c my coll name there... not fair man... pls update ur blog n add my coll name... MMC college.. we are still looking 4 a location 2 start it officially.. but for now d toilets will do 4 our classes...

Anonymous said...

I believe ur college is not listed because your not present for the meeting before..

please come this sunday at 4 pm

see you there man

havocsingh said...

Yeah the date of the programme is confirmed on 29th September 2007 at Petaling Jaya Gurdwara.

Sorry your college name not included, but u come this Sunday for the meeting and we will disscuss about the programme.

Anonymous said...

How much must pay to join the programme..?

Anonymous said...

i think we need u as the jathedar 4 M.U.S.S .tusi panth de mahaan .lol

havocsingh said...

i think its free only to join but maybe for the kirtan darbar each college must put a little money ni..

Haha paji rilex la, tusi taaa panth dey ratan la.. you must be the jathedar la.
we all just support from the back ni... hehe

Jesmesh Singh said...

See you'll tomorrow at Sabha House @ 4pm..

5085 said...

yes i agree that Ajit should be the leading person for MUSS. He's got all the leadership qualities in him...its in his gene's...

Anonymous said...

I oso agree, Ajit shd be our leader cos its in his genes....on his mother's side of course..

Anonymous said...

ajit can be the leader only if he comes for the meeting...ajit, do come for the meetings

Anonymous said...

ajit can be the leader only if he comes for the meeting...ajit, please do come for meetings

Anonymous said...

There are 2 types of leaders. The first type that consult their comittee, discuss and make collective decisions. Then there the ones that have comittes for show only with all their cronies and yesmen in there to rubber stamp their decisions. Anyone who is not with them is eliminated/sidelined. For the 2nd type, no need to have or attend meetings. The 2nd type is also known as dictator.

Anonymous said...

ajit u shud become the leader of muss 4 a start... u hv a huge burden 2 carry on ur shoulder... of running the largest malaysian sikh organisation... probably u'll take one step ahead of ur old man n be into SGGS... ill b blessed 2 serve u s a jatherdar sum day...

havocsingh said...

Wei rilex la everyone.... hehe,
very far ready la you all thinking.. hehe, i dono that i will survive another second also or not.
I dont have the qualities to be a leader, I just love to be in the Back, do sewa, help around..lepak lepak and do havoc..

Sorry la polsia i cant make it for the meetings, i got classes from 3.00 - 5.00pm, by time i come there also i am sure you all finishing ready, so i shy la want to enter and join you all, but dont worry i will support MUSS all the way..

Anonymous said...

Heard that there is a Merdeka Hi-Tea on the 1st of Sept..

Please tell us how we too can be part of the Hi-Tea...

Whom to contact...?