Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Dearest brothers and sisters,
As some of us are aware, the renowned katha vachik from Karnal, India Bhai Tarjit Singh ji is down. It is note worthy that Bhai Sahib has traveled extensively around the world to spread the message of Gurbani. His charismatic and to-the-point approach has endeared him to the world wide sangat. He will be here for another 8 days before he flies off to Norway to to share his thoughts with the eager sangat there.

Please do grab this golden opportunity… Well…the phrase "golden opportunity" is inadequate to express how blessed we are to have someone like Bhai Tarjit Singh ji to guide us.. Bhai sahib ji is stressing on the shudh ucharan of the Nitnem Banis. Tough the nitnem katha was scheduled to end today (22/08), Bhai sahib will only be completing Japji Sahib today. Tomorrow (23/08) with Satgur ji's kirpa we shall be starting the shudh ucharan as well as vichar of Rehraas Sahib followed by Kirtan Sohila.

We read the nitnem banis daily without realizing the many mistakes we make in pronunciation simply because we do not understand what we are reading… Bhai Sahib ji does not only help us with the pronunciation but also does vichar on the gist of the pangatis…
It is a beautiful experience altogether…

Many people who are attending Bhai Sahib jis katha for the 1 st time feel that it has been such a waste that they did not attend his previous sessions… However, its never too late…Lets make hay while the sun shines…Please do join in and do encourage others to do so…
Daily till the 30th of August, 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm at TITWANGSA GURDWARA.

Do have a blessed day ahead...
God bless,
Amrit Kaur


This is the next upcoming Sant Sipahi Camp

Date: 31st August - 2nd September 2007

Venue: Gurdwara Sahib Changkat

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Anonymous said...

fateh..good to hear that bhai tarjit singh is around.even bhai ram singh ji is around and he did katha on japji sahib and ardas in penang, ipoh and KL so far..he will be covering indonesia, malaysia, singapore and attend bhai ram singh's program..fateh