Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gunung Nuang Hiking

After weeks of planning, we finally got a team of guys ready to go to gunung nuang. It is located around 45 minutes drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We met in sabha house at 1.30p.m. on a Saturday noon and headed for kampung pandan Gurdwara. That’s where we met a few others before heading towards the entrance of the reserve forest. There was much laughter in the van as we were heading to the park. Each of us reminding each other of what are the things we need and don’t need for the trip. Once we got there, we got the food and other things which each of us need to carry in our bags and packed all our stuff. The group consists people from all ages, from as old as 52 and as young as 7. Most of us were teenagers looking for an adventure.

Names from left to right: BABA, Phobinder, Me, Sukhvin, Inderjit, Thasy, Navjeet, Ram, Joe, Malkeet, Giani Ji, Baldev, Sri, the young trooper and not forgetting his father the cameraman Wajinder.

Once ready, we stretched ourselves before doing an ardas. Once ardas was done, all of us were instructed by Veer Wajinder and Baldev Singh about the ground rules of being in the jungle. Then we introduced ourselves to each other and started our journey. The walk was uphill with no tree roots to hold on to as it was a road path we were walking on for the first 8 kilometers. Then once we reached near the river, we walked into the jungle and headed uphill by the river, crossing the river 4 times before reaching to our campsite. It took us 2 hours plus to get to our campsite. Once at the campsite, we made the camps. Then helped Veer Baldev with the cooking. Cut the vegetables. Once done we took a shower in the river, though the water was freezing cold, some of us behaved like heroes and jumped in and out of the water. Once done, we sat together and recited Rehraas Sahib together. Once done with Rehras and Ardas, we had dinner together and started sharing some thoughts together. We headed for bed as early as 930. Some of us started talking away and the rest slept off. Slowly one by one dozed off.

Our Hero, Baldev Singh trying to show his skills with the "Karchi" to Indy and Thasy in order for them to start cooking for the next trip. But unfortunately both ended up burning their fingers, so Baldev volunteered for next year as well as there is no one capable of taking over such a huge responsibility.

I saw the cameraman tilting the camera, so i decided to go along with it. But ended up he played my back.

All of us got up early the next morning, getting ready for the adventure. Took bath and got ready. Recited Jap ji Sahib Paath together. Had breakfast and then did ardas together before leaving for the peak of gunung nuang. We had one last briefing before we left and made Ajit Singh the commander of the day. And Navjeet Singh became the anchor man. A commanders duty is to lead the path of the journey and an anchor mans duty is to be the last man and make sure no one is left behind.

We could see Genting Highlands from here....... Stovieeeee

Thasy doing what he does best.... conning.....small fellow also he never leave.

The journey up was fascinating. It rained the night before so the path was wet and slippery. We walked carefully hoping not to slip and fall. At times we did slip and sprained ourselves but helped each other along the path up the hill. The journey was to climb up a hill then go down that hill and then head all the way up again to gunung nuang. It took us almost 4 hours for the first person to reach up and 4 hours and 45 minutes for the last person to come up. Had lunch together up there and sat there for an hour before heading back down.

All of us at the Peak

The journey down was a lot faster as we didn’t need to stop much for breaks and could straight walk out. Only some places slowed us down because of the huge steps we had to take. Some of us got tired so we decided to go in a group as water was already limited a bit and it was raining making the path quite slippery. It took us 2 hours plus to get back to our campsite. Once back there, we took a quick bath as it was about to rain and packed our stuff as well as tents and other things. Making sure not to leave any dirt behind and headed down back to the entrance of the forest. Talked and sang shabads along the path to keep us moving and hoping the rain would slow down which it eventually did. Reached at the entrance by 6 and got into dry clothes before saying goodbye to each other and headed back to sabha house to depart home. It was an adventurous journey with a lot to learn and share about.

Upcoming event, Gunung Tahan during next year Chinese New Year. Come and join the fun & adventures journey. Come discover YOUR TRUE SELF.

Written by: Navjeet Singh


Anonymous said...

havoc trip, with all the gang there..
would love to join u all in the future..

Anonymous said...

to the person who wrote the comment above.. pls do mention ur name... thats how we are going to know who is this in order to call you for the next trip...

Baljit said...

SCAT was since 1989...:D

havocsingh said...

Yeah it was formed in 1989... From that time they started hiking already... The pioneers are Wajinder and Baldev..