Friday, November 02, 2007

Samelan 2007 Blog

Some time in December 2007, some 1500 participants and sewadars from around the globe will come together in a small town in Malaysia called Klang. It will be the time of the year when we all recharge ourselves with the Guru's message.

This is a global event which is eagerly awaited by Sikhs from around the globe. It is about time we reveal to you the key to a successful Samelan. The first Samelan was held at the sea-side town of Port Dickson in 1963 and has been running successfully for the past 43 years. Almost every Sikh in Malaysia has been a part of the Samelan one way or another. It is time we reveal the key of a successful Samelan. Something special has been arranged for the global audience who are unable to attend the Samelan on a daily basis and for Sikhs around the global who cannot attend the Samelan. It will be our very own daily live coverage from ground zero.

We have a small team of 4 sewadars who have pledged to give up their 1 week of Samelan for this cause. We will be updating the daily activities of the Samelan with loads of pictures and hopefully videos. Our main objective is to reach a global audience on the work done by the Malaysian community for the Malaysian youths by using Samelans as a tool.

We plan to go one step further by also providing events leading up to the Samelans. The 7 days programme in the Samelan, require a minimum 70 days of planning which is usually unseen by the Sangat. We plan to shed some light on the planning process and also the days after the Samelan. Please visit the website regularly to know more about the Samelan!!! See you on the BLOG!!!

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