Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - The Treasure of Scientific Facts

I went to PJ Gurdwara yesterday i got this leaflet that was being distributed to the sangat. It is a very nice and interesting facts from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. When i read this, I went like.. WOWWWWW!!!

Moon Has No Light Of Its Own
In 1564, Galileo proved that the moon did not have light of its own and that it reflected the light from the sun.

The Sikh Gurus had already stated this fact:
"Sun Lights up the Moon"
(SGGS page 329)

The principal within the atom is similar to that of the solar system.
Within electrons are revolving around the nucleus just like the nine planets in our solar system is going around the sun.

The Sikh Gurus have highlighted this fact umpteen times:
"Whatever is in the cosmos is also found within the body. He who explores can know this fact."
(SGGS page 695)

"Whatever is in the universe is also in the atom (smallest part of matter)."
(SGGS page 1040)

Life via Air
One of the most important things created by God is air, which became the source of life. In 1960, a scientiest named Robert Hooke proved that "Air is essential for respiration and that there is no substitute for it".

This fact was revealed by the Sikh Gurus years earlier at various places in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
"Born of Water, Life Sustained by Air"
(SGGS page 884)

Life trough water
Today scientist have established that the main constituent of life is cytoplasm, which is made of 80% water. They also discovered that hydrogen and oxygen gases in the air combine to form water and life emerged from water about 350million years ago. In 1784, Henry Cavendish proved that water was a compound of two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen.

The Sikh Gurus had already unveiled this fact that water is a compound and it transforms itself from air and this whole living world is dependent on water.
"From the lord came the air, and from the air came water. From water He created the three worlds- life in water, on earth and in air; in each and every heart He infused His divine light."
(SGGS page 19)

Everything Including All Planets is Rotating
Scientists today have come to the conclusion that nothing is static in the universe. The whole universe is always on the move. All planets, stars and galaxies move in space.

Unknown to the western scientist, Guru Nanak had unveiled this fact before Galileo and Giordano and further declared that everything in the universe is in motion.
"The sun and the moon obey HIS law. They move billions of miles and never stop moving."
(SGGS page 464)

"The Lord binds us in the Bondage of motion and everything is in motion without end."
(SGGS page 465)

Compiled by: Ajitpal Singh:

What a beautiful treasure did the Gurus gave us. Lets make a effort together to understand this divine treasue.


Anonymous said...

fateh is so incredible when i read that..everything is in sri guru granth sahib ji..wowwwwwwwwwwww....

Baljit said...

Great piece of informative information. We need to compile more information like this. It serves well not only for the Sikhs but mankind.Great sharing ajit.

Otai Ex5 said...

Let me add a few more information that can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib.
We beleive in the evolution theory and not creationism.

From rocks and stones he created living beings; he places their nourishment before them (SGGS Page 10)

I shall add more if i know later

otaiex5 said...

Another line from SGGS regarding evolution

The Lord Himself directs the evolution of the world, the five elements; He himself infuses the five senses into it.(Page 720)

Thus the line says that the five elements are the ones that are going through change and as a result the variation of beings exsist. All living beings are created with these five eleents, thus the changes in these five create another species of being.

otaiex5 said...

Now we look at Japji Sahib to show the exsistence ofthe theory of Gravity(though the Guru's called it Divine Law).These are all on Page 3 in SGGS

The mythical bull erroneously believed to be supporting the Earth is, in fact, Divine Law, which the Lord Created from Divine Compassion.

Divine Accord steadfastly holds the earth in its place.

Analyse the great loads upon loads of planets that would need to be supported:

There are numerous worlds beyond this world; and innumerable more beyond that!

Imagine what power holds them, and supports all their weight?

The Hindu's used to beleive that its a bull that was holding the earth steady and that any earthquake used to happen was because the bull was shifting the earth from one horn to another. This was refuted bu Guru Nanak by stating the above line. Also notice that Guru Nanak explains that there are many planets that exsist in the Universe and that all these are supported by none other than divine law(gravity)

havocsingh said...

thanks for sharing those wonderful information otai ex5...
Theres alot in Guru Granth Sahib ji, just that we ppl too busy in Maya that we dont bother of these things anymore..

Anonymous said...

Great job. I get inspired by reading SGGS. Then people qoute stuff to justify their points and when I search in SGGS and do not find those quotes. This bothers me as people trust other stuff more than SGGS. I love reading SGGS when ever I have free time.