Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Avtar Dihara Celebration at Titiwangsa

Last weekend was the Avtar Dihara of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Many of you all might have attended the programmes organised by the Gurdwaras nearby you and join in the sewa, kirtan, path and the celebration.
I also got the opportunity to go to Titiwangsa Gurdwara as there was Akhand Path going on there, starting from Friday till Sunday.

Here are some photographs, and videos of it. Sorry most of the photographs and videos got deleted accidently, this are a few i still have.

- First it was the preparation, a few of the sewadars got and clean the gurdwara, and this two were the painters, havoc, they painted all the grills and the main gate of the Gurdwara -

- As usual desi paji, always happy when there is a chance to take picture, the Sewadar -

- Some of the decorations at the Gurdwara-

- The tabiya where the Akhand Path was held -

- Guru Maharaj tabia very beautifully decorated, a job well done to everyone who did it -

On Friday and Saturday night, there was Kirtan Darbar also held there. On friday it was a Raag Style kirtan Darbar. Kirtan was done by Bhai Tirlochan Singh, Bhai Gurmukh Singh and many other ragi Jatha.

Watch the video below of a recording of the Raag sung by Bhai Tirlochan Singh.

Kal Taran Gur Nanak Aaya.

On Saturday, it was AKJ style of kirtan. First we were blessed to have Bhai Beer Singh(side waja for Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpur) to do kirtan. It was very havoc. He did the famous shabad of Bhai Manpreet Singh = Nehi Chodo Rey Baba Raam Naam. His kirtan cd is available at Sabha Shoppe. Grab your copy fast. Had his video but accidently deleted.

Then it was the local jatha with Harjas Kirtani Jatha with Deybu and then followed by Sabha Logistic Jatha with Sukhvin. They both did it Ghajkay. Watch the video below, by Sukhvin.

(sorry the video is abit out,as it was recorded by a small boy)

- Sangat Singh on the Tabla -

Then on Sunday, it was the Nishan Sahib Selami in the morning. First we took out the old nishan sahib chola and washed the place. Then we changed it with a new one.

- Chultey Nishan Rehey, Panth Maharaj Key-

- There was even Cendol served in the Gurdwara, havoc havoc -

- Gurpurab Dhi Lakh Lakh Vedayee Hoee -

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moorakh said...

paji yes indeed the video is a bit out of shape. Whatlah the small boy cannot take one simple video also. Spoil the whole video onlylah:(