Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Funny Video of the Rally

Last week there was a Hindraf gathering at Jalan Ampang to pass the petition to the British Ambessy.
Watch this modified video below of the Hindraf gathering to protest the capture of the 3 lawyers and Khairy's speech..
Haha damm funny, very well edited.. lol

Sekatan Ke Atas Pehimpunan Haram HINDRAF

Click here to watch the original video.

And this is one more video of the response of the Bersih gathering happened three weeks ago..

Khairy Jamaluddin & Pak Lah: BERSIH Adalah Perhimpunan Haram

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Anonymous said...

Police kata jangan.... haha
damm funny la the video.. and the way PM telling bodoh...